Foster Positivity By Organizing Your Mind

Wellness coaches work with people to improve their health and well-being in a way that lasts.

One of the nation’s top wellness coaches, Margaret Moore, aka Coach Meg, is the founder and CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, a leader in building international standards for professional coaches in health and wellness.

She is the co-author of a new book, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life, with Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Paul Hammerness, MD, and writer John Hanc.

This well-written book does a great job in describing the latest neuroscience research on the brain’s extraordinary built-in system of organization, and translates that science into solutions.

One section on “Foster Positivity” hit home with me.

Moore mentions research by Barbara Fredrickson, a leader in the field of positive psychology, that states you need at least a 3:1 ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions for your brain to function at its best.

In other words, you need a 75/25 positive energy ratio to succeed.

Moore lists some ways you can work on the most common positive emotions that Fredrickson has identified:

— Cultivate curiosity about and interest in the challenge of change.

— Seek inspiration form others who have been successful.

— Be grateful for something, anything.

— Savor small moments on the journey.

— Enjoy the pride of doing something well — appreciate even small steps forward.

— Celebrate early wins.

It’s very easy to ruminate on the negative.

It’s less familiar to focus on the positive.

— Have fun.

Making positive changes in your life can be extremely enjoyable, says Moore.

Discover joy in the process of changing, and you probably will change.

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