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Invest in Yourself, Not Derivatives

In the wake of Gary Smith’s resignation as an executive director of Goldman Sachs, I particularly enjoyed an essay entitled “Investing in Ourselves” by spiritual thinker and Tai Chi advocate Arthur Rosenfeld.

Here’s an excerpt from Rosenfeld’s essay, which appears in the March 2012 Issue of Yang-Sheng:

“A bit of meditation, a bit of quiet consideration, and we all come to realize that the things we can’t take with us are not nearly so worthy of our investment—restoring, protecting, maintaining—as is our state of health and our state of mind.

While it makes good sense to be “green” about our important material possessions, it makes even more good sense to make strong efforts to avoid illness and decrepitude—along with depression, frustration, envy, disquiet, alienation, loneliness, and a lack of any sense of unity or belonging—by attending first and foremost to the needs of our body and mind.

Make a little change today.

Choose to work out instead of polish.

Choose to meditate instead of repaint.

Choose to stretch instead of shop.

Make a mind/body practice your focus, thereby maintaining and restoring and protecting not your automobile, but yourself.

Read up on nutrition rather than woodworking, on brain exercises rather than video games.

Redirecting yourself thus, little by little, will set in motion a process that will yield great dividends in your longevity and your ability to enjoy life.

Spread the word.

Share these ideas with a friend.

Every individual who moves from external compulsion to internal awareness, from materialism to spirituality, contributes to much-need global change.

If we all do this, we can truly expect a new economy and a revivified society too.”