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Tai Chi Classes As Part of Cardiac Rehab

The flowing, circular movements of Tai Chi, balancing on one leg, always breathing deeply, has been shown to help heart patients feel better.

The co-author of a recent study of Tai Chi for heart failure, Dr. Gloria Yeh of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, says,

“We know that chronic heart failure is this progressive chronic syndrome.

There is no cure.

And patients often suffer over time with their symptoms:

a decrease in exercise tolerance;

a shortness of breath;

and a decrease in quality of life because of this.

And so, if we can make patients feel better overall and increase their well-being, this is a significant impact.”

This new podcast tells of how at the Mayo Clinic’s cardiac rehab unit in Minnesota, Dr. Mary Jurisson leads Tai Chi classes for patients and staff.

Some join in to recover from a heart attack or surgery, while others practice because it makes them feel better, for example, the relaxation helps with aches and pains.

Dr. Jurisson says Tai Chi brings opposites into balance and restores energy.

Balance is found through meditation and movement.

“What you are learning to do is to maintain that central equilibrium, that center of gravity, that sense of yourself in the world and your environment,” she says.

Tai Chi can lower blood pressure, the heart rate, and anxiety.

Plus as Dr. Jurisson says, Tai Chi may help boost your immune system, and almost anyone can practice it.