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The Case for the Only Child

Dedicated to all those parents who have had or may have to answer the question “When are you having another child?” the new book A Case for the Only Child has some great answers.

Social psychologist and multiple book author Susan Newman, PhD, has written the essential guide to parents of only one child.

The book debunks many myths, taking into account the changes in today’s nuclear family, including 2-family incomes, fertility issues such as women who have children into their 40s, and the economic reality of raising children.

“Most of us have been brainwashed into believing that children must have siblings, that the perfect family is comprised of mom, dad, and two children–the traditional family,” says Newman, who writes the Singleton blog for Psychology Today.

“Family is now exceedingly diverse with one-child emerging as the fastest growing family unit.”

Among the reasons for the increase in one-child families has to do with starting families later, the stress of needing to work, infertility, divorce, and single parents not waiting for Mr. Right.

Some of the myths Newman debunks:

Myth: Mothers of one are happiest
Second and third children don’t increase a father’s happiness and have a negative effect on a mother’s contentment.

Myth: Children affect a woman’s employment
The wage penalty for being a mother is 5% per child.

Myth: An only child fares poorly in the future without parents and siblings to lean on.
As singletons get older they become increasingly self-reliant because they have to be.

The Case for the Only Child is chock-full of facts and statistics to show the reasons for the rapid rise in singletons.

It shows the reader how to deal with pressure from friends, relatives, and strangers to have a second child, and relates how it feels to be an only child through personal stories.

All told, this is a fascinating book that can help you decide for yourself how to best plan your family and raise a single child.