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Strengthening Exercises Boost Bone Density in Osteoporosis

Weight-bearing exercises are essential to prevent and limit the bone-wasting disease osteoporosis as women age.

That’s the bottom-line result of a new update of clinical studies just published by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization that evaluates medical research.

When you have osteoporosis, old bone breaks down faster than new bone can replace it.

As this happens, bones lose minerals (such as calcium).

This makes bones weaker and more likely to break even after a minor injury, like a little bump or fall, according to the Cochrane Review.

The new review confirms that strengthening exercises boost bone density in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis compared to staying sedentary.

The review of 43 studies and more than 4,300 women shows that for postmenopausal women

– Exercise will improve bone mineral density slightly.

– Exercise will reduce the chances of having a fracture slightly.

All types of exercises, including aerobics, strength training, walking, and Tai Chi, improved bone mineral density and slightly reduced the risk of fracture in postmenopausal women.

A combination of exercises led to the least bone mineral loss in the spine compared to controls who did not exercise.

Strength training was the most effective for limiting bone mineral loss at the hip compared to controls.

“There’s the perception that resistance training is really just for young athletes.

That’s just not true.

There’s a role that resistance training plays for everyone,” C. David Geier, Jr., MD, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and director of the sports medicine program at the Medical University of South Carolina, told the Health Behavior News Service.