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Added Protein in Carb Drink Improves Endurance

Sip a sports drink with added protein while you exercise and you may be able to go a little farther before tiring out.

Studies have shown that carbohydrate-containing beverages increase endurance exercise performance, compared to water and placebo drinks.

Some previous studies have suggested that adding a moderate amount of protein to a low- or moderate-carbohydrate supplement can further enhance endurance.

For about 20 years, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have been looking at the effects of carbohydrate-protein drink combinations.

In their latest study they found a “low-carb, mixed-carb” sports drink with added protein led to prolonged endurance performance in trained female athletes.

Carbohydrates help with the rapid restoration of depleted muscle fuel stores after exercise, and protein provides the amino acid building blocks needed for the repair and building of muscle tissue in response to exercise.

If you are able to take in a bit of protein during exercise, it may help to protect muscle tissue to some extent.

Some sports drink manufacturers have come out with products that contain both carbs and protein.

But there’s no reason that protein has to be in liquid form.

You could also nibble on a so-called energy bar that contains protein as you exercise and sip on a sports drink.

And the real caveat is unless you’re running or biking a long distance, you probably don’t need any supplements during activity.

Afterwards, your body might recover just as well with lots of water and a protein snack (think peanut butter sandwich), which is a lot less expensive than fancy sports drinks.