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How Vitamin D Levels Relate to Fertility and Prostate Cancer

If you want to conceive a child, just take a holiday in the sun since sunlight boosts fertility in both men and women by increasing their levels of vitamin D.

That’s how the media interpreted the results of a recent systematic review of the connection between vitamin D and fertility.

The new findings, say the pundits, mean that some infertile couples may be undergoing unnecessary and costly fertility treatments when spending time in the sun could be their answer.

There are some hints that vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine vitamin,” can help balance sex hormones in women and improve sperm counts in men.

Other studies show some evidence supporting a role of vitamin D in prostate cancer.

However, the evidence for the role of vitamin D in both fertility and prostate cancer is mixed, at best.

For more on my interpretation of the data, check out the piece I wrote for the American Fertility Association.